The Last Breath (2022)

In collaboration with Anita Beikpour I created four site-specific scent-sculptures bringing memories to life in the rapidly changing social housing district Gellerup in Aarhus.

aug 8-14 2022 Andromeda8220 and four sites (apartment, swimming pool, theater and library), Aarhus, DK
feb 4–mar 12 2023 Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, DK (curated by Aysha Amin and Diana Baldon)

The sculptures diffuse scents inspired by the history of the various places. The scents are created from conversations with current and former residents and users of the sites. The sculptures perform as aromatherapeutic scent diffusers, which spread fragrance throughout the rooms.

The sculptures are designed as almost aliens that have landed in the rooms. The large and steaming sculptures in different colors and textures are both completely out of context but at the same time merging with the sites. In addition to the scent-sculptures, the rooms are full of other fragrant props, such as freshly washed clothes and fabric softener, cigarette butts and incense.

Idea, concept and design: Magnus Pind & Anita Beikpour
Assistant: Dzifa Bravie
Curator: Aysha Amin
Scent designer: Lisbeth Jacobsen / odor&fumes
Technician: Mads Thomsen
Production: Magnus Pind Studio

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and Aarhus Kommune.