Seven Forms (2016)

apr 28 2016 (workshop) 3LD Art and Technology Center, New York City, US

Seven Forms is a short, experimental performance, reenacting a scene from the 1940’s Disney-movie Pinocchio. The three performers have nothing memorized – they receive live commands through Virtual Reality-headsets in the form of lines and poses.

Rather than taking interest in the virtual experience itself, this project focuses on the gestures and body positioning of the VR participant. It is about the physical transformation of human bodies. To emphasize the ideas of transformation and physicality, the performers recreate the scene from Pinocchio where boys are turned into donkeys. Through live updates of what is displayed in the VR-headsets, the performers are controlled in an almost puppet-like way.

Concept and staging: Magnus Pind
Performers: Jeremy Kole, Victoria Pike, Charlotte Durkee

DURATION: 10 min