Micro Performances (2021)


KP Digital, Kunsthal Århus, Århus, DK

The corona-crisis of 2020 renewed my interest in exploring alternatives to theatrical live performances.

In the winter of 2020/21, I created two small, experimental, interactive video works, that can be experienced on a smart phone or a laptop. Each is 3-5 minutes duration. The spectator becomes both the audience and the performer.

In “FaceTime”, the spectator meets a pre-recorded conversation partner. The spectator is given lines (as subtitles), which they must recite aloud. The work questions: What is intimacy in the virtual vs the physical reality? What does performativity mean in the virtual vs the physical?

In “Gait Recognition”, the spectator is guided by directions on the screen. The spectator must move their phone in order to follow along the given directions. This piece focuses on the technology Gait Recognition, which is a surveillance technology that can identify a person from observing their movements.

Experience the pieces here:

Concept, programming and visuals: Magnus Pind
In collaboration with: Marie Skousen
Production: Magnus Pind Studio