by Magnus Pind

The ANALYSIS–APPROPRIATION–CALIBRATION STUDIO is a temporary digital media and research studio that combines design with speculative art history in order to develop and inject alternatives to contemporary and future media narratives. 

A-A-C STUDIO’s main focus is on developing alternatives to the mainstream media streams. At the studio’s core is the idea that the aesthetic framework around mainstream media holds political power in itself, and not only can this be acknowledged, analyzed and criticised, it can also be hijacked, reworked and used to promote otherwise silent voices. 

A-A-C STUDIO is dedicated to injecting its products directly back into the mainstream platforms, and operates on a release early and often philosophy.

Our method is:

  • Fast: Many small streams. Developing and deploying many ongoing projects. Nothing is ever finished, and everything flows.
  • Anti-utopian: Pragmatic and practical. Using existing streams of inputs and outputs.
  • Analysis: Dissection and inspection. A critical look at what is all around us.
  • Appropriation: Mimicking, copying, overlaying.
  • Calibration: Injecting our streams into the mainstream.