a performance installation on beauty, flaws, normality and image politics

Endless streams of images of faces dominate social media in the form of selfies. Private tech companies harvest their users’ data through those same selfies. The state and police collect images of faces in databases to keep track of residents in cities and countries.

The image of the face is ubiquitous. In a society where image-manipulation, surveillance and facial recognition are everyday experiences, the image of the face has a tremendous power.

Through music, video, text and movement, the performance examines the technologies behind the image of the face, and asks: how did it come about?

Concept and video: Magnus Pind
Composers: Astrid Sonne and Villads Klint
Performer: Amalie Bergstein
Text: Ronja Johansen and Marie Harm
Producer: Katrine Balle

Premiere at the Culture Yard in Helsingør in August 2020.

This work is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Augustinus Foundation


Magnus Pind is an artist and designer based in NYC & Copenhagen. Magnus’ design has been shown at the Kennedy Center, Vienna State Opera, Royal Danish Theatre, La Monnaie National Belgian Opera, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre and many others. His artwork has been exhibited at Transmediale, CPH:DOX, Harvard University, MUTEK and others.

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